OPENING HOURS: Summer: Monday-Friday 8.00am-5.00pm Saturday 8am-3.00pm Winter: Monday-Friday 8.00am-6.00 pm Saturday 8am-3.00pm

PJ Laight FUEL MERCHANTS. The Laight family have been supplying fuel to the people of Evesham for the last three generations, We can provide you with a highly reliable and efficient service.

Providing a range of Animal Feeds: Farmgate Layers Mash, Pellets, Premium Mixed Corn, Rearer Pellets, Chick Crumb, Henmry's Mixed Corn, Rolled Barley, Rolled Oats and more.
We deliver to your door or visit us at our Evesham warehouse.

Mollichaff AppleChaff for sale Evesham

Mollichaff AppleChaff:

Farmgate Layers Pelllets for sale Evesham

Farmgate Layers Pellets:

Farmgate Premium Mixed Corn for sale Evesham

Farmgate Premium Mixed Corn:

Farmgate Rearer Pellets for sale Evesham

Farmgate Rearer Pellets:

Henry’s Layers Meal for sale Evesham

Henry’s Layers Meal 20kg:

Pegasus Conditioning Cube for sale Evesham

Pegasus Conditioning Cube 20kg:
Mix £8.75

Farmgate Rearer Pellets for sale Evesham

Farmgate Pencils:

Animal Feed Henry's Mixed Corn for Sale evesham

Henry’s Mixed Corn:
70/30 £7.25

Animal Feed Henry's Rolled Barley for Sale evesham

Henry’s Rolled Barley:

Animal Feed Henry's Rolled Oats for Sale evesham

Henry’s Rolled Oats:

Bedmax Shavings for Sale evesham

Bed Max Shavings:
£8.50 per bale

Animal Feed AWJ Small Flake for Sale evesham

AWJ Natural Flake:

Animal Feed Wild Bird Food for Sale evesham

Wild Bird Food:
20kg £12.00

Animal Feed Sunflower Hearts for Sale evesham

Sunflower Hearts:
22.68kg £30.00

Animal Feed Peanuts for Sale evesham

20kg £39.95

Oyster Shell Hen/Fine for Sale evesham

Oyster Shell Hen/Fine:
25kg £10.00

Animal Feed Goat Mix for Sale evesham

Goat Mix:
20kg £10.30

Animal Feed Spillers Pegasus Cubes for Sale evesham

Spillers Pegasus Cubes:
20kg £6.50

Animal Feed Senior Complete Care Mix for Sale evesham

Senior Complete Care Mix:
20kg £12

Animal Feed Heygates Rabbit Pellets for Sale evesham

Heygates Rabbit Pellets:
20kg £9.00

Animal Feed Top Spec Cool Balancer for Sale evesham

Top Spec Cool Balancer:
15kg £22

Animal Feed Dengie Fresh Bed for Sale evesham

Dengie Fresh Bed:
100 ltrs. £11.60

Animal Feed Pegasus Mix for Sale evesham

Pegasus Mix:

Animal Feed Easichick Bedding  for Sale evesham

Easichick Bedding:

Animal Feed Top Spec Anti-Lam for Sale evesham

Top Spec Anti-Lam:
15kg £19.95

Animal Feed Pegasus Chaff for Sale evesham

Pegasus Chaff:
20kg £8.65

Animal Feed Safe & Sound Mix for Sale evesham

Safe & Sound:
18kg £13.45

Animal Feed Comfybed Plus for Sale evesham

All Natural Comfybed Plus:
£8.50 Bale – Pallet Price On Request


Estate Feeds Corn 3 for £21